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Most sales people never get formal training.

Most sales people never hit their quota.

We combine Sales Recruiting and Training to fix that.

We'reĀ Sales Trainers and Recruiters and we're here to help.


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What is is an executive recruitment and training company, providing expert sales training, sales recruiting and GTM advisory.Ā 

We believe in upskilling individuals from all walks of life, preparing them and partnering with themĀ in theirĀ career in sales.Ā 

Why is different? 

Many try to overcomplicate sales. We simplify it through relatable, actionable and emotional training. 

At we build our sales training bespoke, based on EQ. Since like people, all sales processes are different.

How can help companies?

We can help you build a GTM plan and/or sales function.

We can train your sales team in prospecting, discovery and deal strategy.

We can recruit and build your sales org through strategic recruiting and talent advisory.

How can help individuals?

We can help develop your skills and find you a job in sales.

We can help you if you're struggling with prospecting, sales process and/or closing.

We can recruit, train, coach and mentor you to become an elite seller.

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We have a strong track record providing talent and sales advisory services for SaaS, recruiting and staffing companies looking to bolster their GTM and revenue functions. 

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We provide sales and revenue training with a strong focus on emotive selling, prospecting, deal strategy, storytelling and personal brand. All our training sessions are live. 

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We provide ongoing 1:1 coaching for sales people looking to improve their productivity and close rate. Do you need help getting into SaaS sales? We have a course for that too. 

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...He was extremely consultative in trying to best understand the product/offering, price point, sales cycle, etc. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Hamish and would recommend doing so to anyone looking to get better at sales. He's an absolute gem of a human being.


Nick Sandoval

Enterprise Account Executive, Upwork


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*Results and representations made by are aspirational statements. in no way can guarantee results or guarantee $2m pipeline in 6 months.'s training, advisory, coaching and consultative service offerings are to be used as a guide only. By no means are they a blueprint for success and cannot guarantee you success.