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Hamish founded Selr because there was a gap in the sales training and recruitment market.

70% of sales teams don't get any formalized sales training (TaskDrive). Selr's aim is to level-up the recruiting and SaaS industry to be more effective when bringing on new business.

That's why Selr offers in-person or remote team sales training to companies within the SaaS or recruiting sector, whilst also offering the option of recruitment services too.



Hamish comes from a decade of running teams and P&Ls in the recruiting and SaaS sales sectors. He has mastered the art of interviewing sales people. 

Selr is dedicated to it's niche within sales and GTM recruitment, with a strong emphasis on the SaaS, financial services and Staffing Sectors. 

Selr can offer you qualified Account Executives, Growth Marketers, Sales Development Representatives, Business Development Directors, Business Development Managers, VPs, Managing Directors, VP Sales, CROs, Recruiters and Recruitment Leaders to bolster your revenue function. 



Selr has a strong track record providing one off or ongoing GTM, reorg, sales operating models, talent and sales advisory services to companies looking for a tailored revenue strategy or partnership plan. 


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